The Longest Day

I am so fucking bored Anna

We have been told to stay in

As this is the last place connected with Penelope

They know that Penelope stayed here

Do you know what I think

That the coast is clear and if we went out nothing would happen to us

Obviously they have checked the beach and I am aware on an exclusion zone out to sea

Even the crabbing boats are banned something about a wartime bomb


Anna I have been given a mission

A mission


What kind of mission

I have been told to travel to Ipswich


To lay a false trail

The thinking is that I will be followed by one of the goons

And he will suppose that Penelope is hiding in Ipswich

Once there the goon will be intercepted

Do they know how many are chasing Penelope

According to Outlaw they work in pairs

That leaves only one

He or she could be anywhere

Penelope has fucked off some serious people

Her hit had ruled the country with an iron fist for over ten years

He was incredibly well protected but a nun found a chink in the security

It seems like a suicide mission

In a way it was as Penelope was working to a very tight schedule

Normally she works from afar but this needed to be a close in hit

That was why she was wounded as she fell down a set of stairs

But what of the body displayed

Penelope did not just kill the president she took out two of the security guys also


One was a woman and that is who they displayed for propaganda purposes

It must have been a near thing

It was and Penelope only survived because of the precise advance planning

Where was she hit

In the area around her hip

She had such lovely hips

It is no time to get wet Anna

As I was saying she escaped via an old wartime tunnel


Outlaw was there as he was in charge of the second phase escape

Is he writing this

Do you think that I would write this shit

As I was saying he dragged her through the tunnel and hid her on a simple fishing boat

This was not noticed and she was soon on a Red Cross plane that flew out of the country

Whilst the idiots in charge were still in a state of chaos

It was only later due to a local link and previous intelligence that Penelope was traced here

Even though the tyrants country was chaotic the paymasters were on the ball

It was planned to be Penelope’s last hit as her cover was blown

Will she ever return to Wellington Parade

That is very doubtful

I take it that she is still in Ramsgate

Yes but she will need surgery

But it is too dangerous to move her at present

Is her life in danger from the wound

No but unless she is operated on pronto she will have a serious limp


What I am supposed to do whilst you are in Ipswich

Outlaw wants you to get captured

Outlaw can fuck off


Outlaw is not going to fuck off Anna

You will have to play your part Anna

Otherwise these fictions will implode


What do you want me to do

Change your name to Saul Green


I am asking you to change your name to Saul Green


Because that is Penelope’s code name

They will most probably shoot me on the spot

Not if they think that you are Penelope

To kill you would achieve nothing

They might torture me or worse

They will not as they want to turn you

Turn me what do you mean

They want to recruit you as you are so good

A double agent

In one

What about Penelope’s wound

They know that she was hurt but are not really aware that she was shot

The fall might have caused the injury

I do not even look like Penelope

Outlaw what are you doing this is fucking shit

You have read too much James Bond

It is not James Bond Anna

Yes it is

Penelope is a fictional character Anna is a fictional character and so am I

You could delete us quite easily

Then I will

What about the poison Outlaw

Delete me and you will slowly fade

Nothingness Outlaw nothingness

Fuck you Outlaw

You make your choice

I want to live here in peace with Anna

If Penelope wants to live nearby then that is fine with me

But no bang bangs and good guys and bad guys it is so fucking childish

You can watch us like the sick voyeur you are

But cut all this shit as Anna and I just want to live here in peace

We want to sit at our beach table and enjoy the seasons


Anna go fuck yourself I know your game

Fuck you Outlaw enjoy eternity





Stop fighting

Outlaw you were not poisoned and there is no antidote


I thought as much

Anna I am going to delete you

Go ahead arsehole


Outlaw if you delete Anna then you will have to delete me

Think about it as you are in love with both of us and we bring an income in

You will starve without us


Are you sure about the poison

Yes it was an invention

I am well





Anna this is for you and you only and not the bitch

As we speak I am melting the delete button with my lighter

I will not be able to use it


Thank you Outlaw


We need to be friends


I agree I wish more people were like you as you are the perfect character


Where is Anna


I do not know


Bring her back Outlaw

Please bring her back