A Feather Rising



I saw something rather beautiful today

Well thank you Anna

I saw a feather rising into the branches of a tree instead of falling

It moved me a little considering the day

Considering the day what do you mean

It is the day of the Queens funeral


I know it is silly but I thought it was a sign

A sign of what

You know what I mean and stop taking the piss

Sometimes you are so like Outlaw

Anna although the wind is rather cool

The sun is still wearing its summer clothes

It is the basics of hot air rising

Feathers are incredibly light

And air at it hears up rises

Think of the molecules as they heat up

They move faster and at the same time are moving apart

Therefore air like other substances expends when heated and obviously contracts when cooled

The space between the molecules is the important thing

The air is less dense that the surrounding matter

So it stands to reason that the hot air floats upwards

Along with your silly feather

Anna you can be such a bitch

Nothing is sacred to you

Not even me

I hate you sometimes

Do not be so touchy Anna

I was only joking

Then it is not funny

You might not see the things I see

But there is no need to take the piss

Get a sense of humour Anna



You can sleep on your own Anna

And for each night until I receive an apology


Suit yourself


I will sleep in Penelope’s bed


Well she will not need it for a while will she


Do you think that they are still watching The Green House


Ask them


You know I hate these things so do not frighten me


Am I forgiven


For what


For being a bitch




Will you share our bed




Then I forgive you