42 Degrees in the Shade

I was sitting on a high speed train

With my beautiful wife Jane

It was very hot outside

I was told it was 42 in the shade

The scalding interiors of France

Hummed as the trains sped past

We were both sitting in the shade

Of  the divine lemon trees

That separated our garden

From the railway tracks

Everything was still

It was too hot to read

Jane was wearing a sarong

It was brightly coloured

Blue Green and Red

She said that she was going to swim

But could not find

The swimming pool

On the high speed train

I was sketching

The passing trains

This was mostly done from memory

As they were only present for an instant

But I was so pleased with my work

That I distributed them at a nearby station

They were well received by the artists

Who were visiting the area for the first time

They complimented me on my use of light


Stan and Jane 
Summer 2022