The Palace of the Popes (Lavender Fields)

Not far from the main entrance of the Palace of the Popes a solitary musician played slow jazz under the hot Avignon sun

My wife and I were sheltering under some trees and were enjoying a light lunch

It felt that the day would never run its full course as the sun seemed stationary in the clear sky

Just as we were finishing lunch a perfumer came up to my wife and gave her a small bottle of perfume

He gave me a book of letters written by Mme De Sevigne and requested that should visit his shop before we left France

I enquired of his kindness and he explained that my wife resembled his beautiful daughter who now lived in a chateau not far from Avignon

His son was a jazz musician and he saw him each day but he only saw his daughter once a month and this grieved him

We visited the shop of the perfumer and my wife was treated with a great courtesy and was soon asked whether a perfume might be named after her

She agreed immediately and was told that the perfume would have a lavender base as fields of lavender surrounded the chateau where his daughter now lived

The perfume was to be called  Champs de Lavande