Mise-en-scene – a short movie from Sick Boy

I planned the final scene of my movie after a number of sleepless nights

There was to be a shootout in a small village between the cops and the revolutionary group

My heroine (Marianne) would be shot in the first few seconds

But she does not die although her pure white dress is much soiled

She feigns death to gain an advantage and shoots the leader of the revolutionaries

The throat wound is fatal and he dies almost immediately


As the credits roll my heroine is shown in the bath

Only her head and shoulders can be seen (nudity in cinema is so much of a distraction)

There is a bullet wound in her throat and a doctor is bathing her wound with a white cloth which is stained red

In a voice over he declares that she will live and will be celebrated as the heroine of the nation

Marianne closes her eyes and dreams of the happy times she spent with the revolutionary leader