Dinosaurs at my Breakfast Table

I have laid some pretty extraordinary linoleum in the rooms of my small town house

The lino that I have laid is unlike any other lino I have laid

And I have been laying lino in Manchester houses and flats for over twenty years

My name is John Anthony and I have two sisters Natalie and Anne

Neither Natalie or Anne lay lino as it is a skilled occupation

The lino that I have laid in my small town house reflects history

As amazing as that may sound here in this dour Manchester suburb

Yesterday between twelve and two I was able to watch a condensed history

Of all the wars between 1431 and 1616 in the Low Countries and beyond

I often share my breakfast with dinosaurs and other fearsome creatures

And recently experienced the dreadful Lisbon earthquake of 1755 over supper

Quite why this phenomena occurs is a complete mystery to me

As I have laid lino in my sisters houses without history or anything resembling history