Hafsi Chrissie and Steve

Hafsi Chrissie and Steve did not actually meet in any conventional way

They drifted together as Hafsi loved Chrissie and Chrissie loved Steve

Steve did not love Hafsi and Hafsi did not love Steve

And the only thing that they had in common was that they were both fucking Chrissie

This is what drew the boys together and they soon became good friends

Chrissie was happy to be shared and about once a month

The trio booked the Premier Suite at the Hotel Benjamin in South Kensington

Because it had a large rectangular bath and views of the Albert Memorial

Chrissie would then spread petals of many colours into waters of the bath

And they would settle in together and exchange stories of humour with each other

As well as admiring Chrissie’s magnificent breasts which were wonders to behold

Do you remember that old bus that we travelled on in India 

It did not have any glass in the windows 

As it had been kicked out over the years 

The seats were not properly attached to the floor of the bus 

And shook when the driver braked to avoid yet another catastrophe

I can remember the day when we hit that poor cyclist who shot through the empty window 

He landed at our feet stone dead which was shocking but rather funny 

As its theatre resembled that of a silent movie 

The driver was Welsh and was forever telling us about how much he missed his mother country 

But when he had the opportunity to return he always passed it up as he did not like the people 

They would bathe until the bath waters cooled and after resting would return to the street

To take in the sights and sounds of the capital before going their separate ways

Chrissie was a school teacher and Hafsi and Steve were solicitors

Although their roles have little relevance to this account

In time I will return to my fictional friends and their humours

But if you are in Kensington Town do look out for rather tall girl

With two men of similar height carrying a bag of rainbow petals

As you might engage in their sense of fun and feel that you have a desire

To write about these unusual friends who are not exclusive to my pen at all