Gento Gento

I was watching a village football match

When my son was booked for a foul

I protested to the referee saying that a child

Should not be punished for such a petty misdemeanor

The referee said that rules were rules

And that he was right to book my son

I asked him to interpret the rules

As blind obedience starts wars

It was then that he showed me a red card

And threatened to abandon the game

As I left the field I told him

That football is a beautiful game

And ugliness should not be allowed to corrupt its beauty

The referee then abandoned the match

Which we were winning six-nil

The club was subsequently fined and thrown out the cup

And I was suspended for a year from all duties

I bear no malice towards the referee who I see quite often

As handing out parking tickets on a daily basis

Is cruel enough to injure even the sanest of men



Gento Gento (2020)