I spend a great deal of time in hotel rooms usually close to airports or railway stations

This should drive me mad but it does not

As I am an inspector of hotels

For the most part I work undercover

I visit hotels then I submit my findings to the company

My company relies on my findings and these are important in negotiations

Sometimes I lie if I am impressed with a hotel but am unhappy with the way their staff are treated

On occasions I have taken the staff into my confidence (with bribes) and have requested a full exposure to the hotels working practices

Last year I blackmailed the owner of a hotel in Spain as he was exploiting his staff and the sum result of this was that five of the maids were able to return home with cash in their accounts

All this in exchange for a glowing report

I did not feel good about this or bad just indifferent

I like watching guests in hotels

Most are drowning in their tedious lives and the hotel is only an extension of this existence

But sometimes I notice people whose lives are fraught with danger whether it be of the illicit kind or on a slightly more sinister level

I am good at watching people when reading

I watch their body language and the way they dress

This can tell you a lot about the person

Occasionally people play me at my own game which makes the match even more interesting

I have not been in a relationship for over ten years which makes my life easier

Just friends in different cities and countries

I think that they see me as lonely always travelling and sometimes I use this to my advantage

But not very often as I like to sleep alone

I have a deep feeling that my job will be ending soon as my company was purchased by a much larger travel company last year and although nothing has been confirmed the new company is not in favour of people such as myself

They favour local reports which I think is a huge mistake as this can lead to serious corruption and in the final poll only one person suffers namely the consumer

But if it happens my protests will be ignored

At present I am in Copenhagen inspecting a rather nice hotel

It is raining outside and the hotel is full of vacationing Canadians

They are a little loud but nonetheless very nice people

In three days I will be in Riga and then will return to the UK to submit my reports

If I am forced to leave my job then I will have to settle somewhere

I have a good deal of cash saved

This seems a logical thing to do

It will be a strange feeling not to travel as there are only fifty-one countries that I have not officially visited

I might buy a fine camera and visit war zones and look at the devastating photographs whilst tending to the peaceful roses of my supplement cottage

Or then again I might just buy a boat and sail into my own oblivion