Fighting The Fascist Left (1977-2020)

When I was young and very immature

I joined an left wing party

As I  wanted to topple the establishment

I attended meetings and was lectured about Marxism

And how it would free the world

That was when the doubts began set in

As it was total undiluted bollocks

But I still went along just for the ride

That was until I was INSTRUCTED

To sell the party paper at a tube station

I noted that I would have to break a date

But was told that there was no argument

I threw their silly newspapers into a puddle

And threatened to take my comrades head off

If I was spoken to in that manner again

Since that day I have fought the fascist left

But have never really answered the question

Of why my comrades had such tiny dicks

And their women were so fucking ugly

I am currently re-reading Marx

In a effort to find an answer to my question