I am Spanish

When I awoke this morning I was a little concerned to discover that I had become Spanish overnight


My rabbit had begun to call me Juan and my wife was called Elena


Apart from that everything else had remained the same


Or at least I thought it had for when I opened the curtains I was faced by miles of arid desert and not the residential avenue


That I had grown used to


I  also found out that I was naked and my woollen dressing gown was nowhere to be seen


My wife who was equally naked passed a cup of coffee to me as we sat in the early morning sun


She was speaking Spanish and I understood every word


In the distance an Esso lorry was moving along the main road towards the distant windmills


In its wake it was throwing up a great deal of dust which was partially obscuring its passage


Today was Tuesday and it was delivering fuel


I was beginning to sweat so I shared a shower with my wife in an effort to conserve the summer water


We then dressed in light clothing and awaited the fuel man


At a few minutes past ten he arrived


It was as he was replenishing our stocks that I noticed that a paperback book had fallen from his cab


It was called


The Confessions of a Dirty God