Crime Scene

I am sitting on a lonely Spanish railway station with a female philosopher

Her name is Ines

Although that is not important

Last year this station was the scene of a murder

I ask Ines for her thoughts

She explains to me that it was a gang murder although she does not go in to much detail

But adds that if there had been women in the murderous gang then the assault might not have taken place

I ask her why

She asks me a question

Have women ever with a few notable exceptions started wars

I agree with her but ask her how this might have prevented the gang murder

It is all to do with the reproductive ability of a woman

She from a very young age has a maternal instinct that men do not possess

Women have a basic desire to protect to take care and avoid conflict

They will always try to find a peaceful solution

I ask Ines one more question as my train is now within view

My question is that if a women had been present on that fateful evening would the murder not have taken place

Ines ponders my question for a while and then answers it in quiet voice as two nuns are very close

She says that the murder might still have occurred but if there had been a dissenting female voice within the group then this might diluted the adrenaline after the chase

But adds that her words will change nothing as the murder happened only yards from where we are sitting

The victim is in his grave and his assailants are in jail where they will remain for a considerable time