Mr and Mrs Muirhead

Mr and Mrs Muirhead lived at 15 Railway Cutting Road in Cambridge
They had lived there for fifteen years with their son Jack
Both were keen gardeners and each Winter they would haunt their rear garden
In search of primroses and other early Spring flowers
On the fifteenth of January Mr Muirhead found a solitary primrose not far from the concrete path
That lead to the fence that overlooked the wide railway cutting
The tiny flower was almost shy in its yellow overcoat and had been hidden from the house
By the long grasses that had kept it warm during the long freezing nights
On the second and fourth week of the month Mrs Muirhead would travel to Peterborough to see her mother
She would be accompanied by Jack and his girlfriend Jill and the twins Jasper and Jane
They last travelled on January 24th and as they were passing her home
Mrs Muirhead noticed clumps of primroses grouped under the numerous bushes that clung precariously to the railway bank
These bushes had obscured these tiny flowers from being seen from all but the Muirhead’s bathroom window
Which was glazed to protect their modesty when taking a bath