The Sea is Breathing

It had to happen as we were messing about in our boat
Billy B was as clumsy as he always was
And our bottles of wine soon fell into the sea
Due to the tidal currents we could not retrieve the lost bottles
And when we reached the beach we abandoned our lunch to the birds that lived nearby
I suggested to Julie J that we should return to the mainland
But she insisted that the weather was on the turn
And that such a venture would be very foolish
Nothing much happened as we made our way to the town
Although we were aware that the wind was cooling as it changed direction
We drank a lot that night as a storm battered the small island
The sun rose clearly the following morning and it was then that I decided to retrieve the lost bottles of wine
I left the others asleep and headed for the beach where to my surprise
I found the bottles washed up with the cargoes of many years
I supposed that the violence of the storm had caused this mysterious bounty
Until a mermaid in the shallows said that she had retrieved them during the night
It was a task that was expected of her when the conditions allowed
And other than this she was left quite alone to share her beauty with the breathless sea