Region of Murcia

I am in bed with my beautiful wife

But neither of us is asleep

As we are sharing a coffee

Which we hope will wake us up


It is sunny outside and still quite warm

But the temperatures are slowly fading

In a matter of weeks the cooler winds will arrive

Accompanied by the soft slate skies


My wife is no longer in our bed

She is taking her morning shower

I take the opportunity to ring my sister

Who is waiting for a train in Southampton


We discuss the weather and other events

She tells me that it is cold windy and wet

And that her train is ten minutes late

Due to congestion further up the line


I tell her to jump on the first plane to Spain

But she declines the offer as she has settled into a pattern

Which will only be broken in late December

When she visits us to celebrate Christmas


My wife has returned from her shower

With a crimson towel wrapped around her waist

I hand her my phone and return to my coffee

Which has lost its heart and now tastes bitter