Character Actor

In a previous life I used to be a character actor

Specialising in the broody artistic types

But in 1994 I was cast as a clean cut Englishman

In a European co-production set in Cornwall

It was whilst filming I met a Swedish Actress

Her name was Liv Rohm

From the start I felt that the script was slightly exploitive

And this had obviously worried my Swedish friend

Who although not a prude thought that some of the scenes

Had been added without reason to spruce up a tedious story

It was then that we made our stand by refusing to do certain scenes

Both Liv and I were subsequently sacked from the movie

And I soon found work hard to get although I did act in three Jean Luc Godard movies

Before retiring from the industry to becoming a writer

Liv Rohm made a few more movies but faded from the scene

As she had gained the reputation of being difficult to work with

I was aware that she was working on Swedish television but lost all contact with her

That was until the other day when I received a letter from her thanking me for being such a rock on the 1994 movie

She further noted that she was now married (as I was) with two children (we have two children as well)

I wrote back enclosing a newspaper cutting that noted that The Italian Meeting had bombed badly at the box office