The Thoughts of Margit

My name is Margit Kaufman
I have been in jail for twenty-eight years
My crime was that I was considered to be a terrorist
In that time I have faced thirty-two penalties
And have saved nine of them
I have also invented a new brand of sticky toffee
There is talk of my release
There is always talk of my release
Six years ago I fell down a flight of stairs
I broke my arm
It was badly reset and because of this it is not straight
I received compensation for this neglect
It no longer hurts but my writing has changed and is childlike
I have spent over three thousand nights in this prison
And have changed cells twelves times
I can see the cathedral from my current cell
It brings me peace
My favourite colour is pink
I am allowed to wear my own clothing
This privilege has been earned for good behaviour
My sister has given me two pink blouses and an olive sweater
They were all made in Taiwan
Every so often I give interviews but I am thinking of abandoning this occupation
As I have nothing further too say
If I am released I plan to live on a farm and write books on animal husbandry
On my cell wall I have a print of the execution of William Tyndale
It was given to me by a friend
I often talk to him about God and about facing penalties
And the quiet science of creating sticky toffee