The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Two rabbits one red and one blue were sitting on a grassy bank next to the railway track

They were discussing what would happen to the Railway Rabbit’s after the dreadful disease had faded

The Red Rabbit said although the Myxomatosis had been savage and had killed many rabbits

It had been a gift from God and had been long overdue

The Red Rabbit also concluded that after the pandemic had been conquered

That both the Red and Blue Rabbits could live together in total harmony without further conflict

It was God’s will and future generations of rabbits would appreciate this fact fully

The Blue Rabbit did not say anything and stared at the high white clouds

It then asked the Red Rabbit to position itself between the railway tracks and look towards the tunnel

What do you see

I see hope and I see the light at the end of the tunnel

Then close your eyes

The Red Rabbit complied and a few seconds later was cut to pieces by an oncoming train

I am truly sorry that I had to do this to you my friend but the light you thought that you saw at the end of the tunnel is always the light of am oncoming train

There is no God and because of that there is no hope


From Railway Rabbits by Esther Collenchini (2020)