Mr & Mrs Coastal Path

Mr & Mrs Coastal Path grew Marigolds in their small garden

The Marigolds resented this as they wanted to explore the world

So they romped naked around the garden to upset the neighbours

In view of this and the complaints from both sides of the road

Mr & Mrs Coastal Path decided to grow cabbages

Who were modest and well behaved

This pissed off the errant Marigolds and as soon as the weather was warm

They would romp around the garden in all their splendour just for the hell of it

This made the cabbages green blush to the delight of the orange flowers

Mr Coastal Path who had been in the army for many years decided enough was enough

And on a cold November afternoon he dug up all the Marigolds and left them in the garden waste

This was his big mistake as although most of the Marigolds perished two survived

And during the harsh winter Marigolds One and Two decided to get their revenge on the world

They waited until Spring and whilst Mr & Mrs Coastal Path were on a weekend break in the Isle of Wight

They booked their tickets away from Surbiton towards the USA

Their destination were the Badlands where Charles Starkweather had conducted his killing spree

But before they left they poisoned all the other plants in the garden with weed killer

And chopped the holy cabbages into pieces with a swiss army knife

They even torched the postcard from the Isle of Wight that Mr & Mrs Coastal Path had sent to their garden

Within weeks they were in Nebraska and Wyoming and started their killing spree immediately

Two drive in garden centres and an ornamental garden were shot to death on consecutive days

And the governors garden was poisoned with a nerve agent that had been stolen from a local hardware store

It was during this robbery that Marigold One was shot by a security cactus and seriously injured

Both Marigolds laid low for a while although they were connected with the needless slaughter of some strawberry plants

In a motel garden not far from Bennet Nebraska in the fall of that year

The FBI took an interest in their case and agents begun to track their movements

Mr and Mrs Coastal Path who had been appalled by the senseless slaughter in their Surbiton garden also helped

They supplied a number of photographs of Marigold One and Marigold Two’s naked romps as well as views of Epping Forest

This was the breakthrough that the cops needed and after a robbery at a garden centre in Gibsland Louisiana

The Marigolds were shot to death by a posse of lawmen especially chosen for the job

Their car was riddled with bullet holes and various kinds of weed killer as well as deadly slug pellets

The Marigold’s remains were incinerated at a nearby rubbish dump and great care was taken to ensure that they did not seed during their final journey

But in the last few months there have been a number of reports of garden attacks both in the Badlands of Nebraska and Surbiton England


To be continued with The Legend of Marigold Three check your listings for details