Table Football

I asked my daughter whether I am in an existentialist crisis

She said that I am not only in an existentialist crisis but I am locked in its cell

Yet the cell does not have a door nor does it have walls

There is not a key although I imagine that there is a key

I have spent days deciding whether I was going to purchase a lamp post

Although I do not need a lamp post I am interested in the thought

I live on an avenue which is wide and very well lit yet I see the deep shadows

That is why I need to be very careful with my purchase as there is no room for error

In a park some miles away there is a concrete football table

At the time of this poem nobody is at the table as it is very wet and the conditions are quite difficult

The lighting in the park is poor and the nearest illumination is a number of metres away

This is not the reason that I am looking to own a lamp post but the idea does attract me