I have often wondered what my life would be life without my cunt

It has brought me nothing but trouble and I am far too fond of it

I am plump and men do not desire me they just want to fuck me without passion

My fictional husband sometimes visits me in my fragile dreams

And we lie together in our wild bed which has views on to the street below

He sleeps on my perfumed breasts as I watch the thin figures smoking under dim street lights

I wonder if they know that I am here just across the road partially covered in my chemise



My name is Molly and I am named after a recreational drug which I use on a frequent basis

She is over one hundred years old having been synthesized many years before my unremarkable birth

I often sleep with her and we have wild and unrestrained sex but I know that she is a murderess

She kills without passion and I know that she is jealous of my considerable beauty

To discourage her I self harm and parts of me bear witness to this hate