El Verano de Sangaile

I was visiting my close friends in England for the sixth time and had found myself helping them set up an outdoor cinema in a large field next to an ancient canal
Our grandparents had fought in the Spanish Civil War together and our families had exchanged visits since the death of Franco in 1975
The film that was to be shown was El Verano de Sangailie which had been made in Lithuania in 2015 and this would have been the first time it had been shown in England
I had finished university and was teaching Film and Media at a small college in Valencia which gave me some time to travel around Europe
My expertise in setting up gigs in Spain was proving invaluable to my friends and soon we were ready to show the movie
In June in Southern England it does not get dark very quickly so we decided to show the film at nine in the evening
Although the days had been hot recently my English uncle had noted that it was about to turn considerably cooler which I found hard to believe
He said that the warm the winds were on the turn and the skies would become heavier with possible rain
I looked at the thin clouds that were beginning to darken above the fields and thought of my home in Valencia
Everything seems heavier and smaller in England and I am surrounded by a history that has passed without disturbance
In the trees above the canal the evening birds were deep in song and this was only interrupted by the odd narrow boat passing calmly by
People were beginning to find their places some were sharing wine and nibbles whilst others were just taking in the atmosphere
In five hours this field will be empty the gliders that are circling above me will have landed the fine rural darkness will be the master of ceremonies
But for now our guests are anticipating the gentle Lithuanian movie which is about to escape and later they will retire to their beds having enjoyed a surprisingly pleasant evening