Jacob’s Dream

In my most recent dream
Estelle and I were holidaying on a man made island
Which was one of six at the foot of the Navas Mountains
All six islands were naturiste and guests were isolated from each other by a simple grid
I was walking in the sea with Estella in an effort to recover from our long journey
It was late afternoon and the sun was beginning to dip in the sky
A breeze had sprung up and was caressing our open wounds
For the first time in months Estelle and I felt relaxed and at peace
After we returned to the beach chalet we showered and sat on the terrace
It was then that I noticed a seagull carrying away my pale green shirt
I asked it what was the reason for such an obvious theft
And it informed me that this was common practice on the islands of the angels
I suggested that it took another shirt but the bird was adamant
That it preferred the green shirt as pastels suited the island light
It offered me a ladder covered in pink paint which was propped up against an adjacent chalet
After a little thought I gave Prince Charming the light green shirt and received the ladder in return