The Kingsdown Poems

I am sitting in front of The Zetland Arms listening to a Leonard Cohen song

Dance Me to the End of Love rolls gently across the beach and dies quietly in the breeze

You are sitting on a memory bench looking out to sea

We exchange no words but I know that you are thinking of me


I have crossed the wide beach towards the white cliffs

In my hand I am carrying a camera

I turn frequently and record your likeness

As I get further away you become a shadow almost hidden by the drunken sea

You cannot see me

But you are always in my view


Two horses are being ridden in the shallow waves

They cause little disturbance

You are watching the horses but thinking of me

I am hidden from view

With a whiff of cruelty I have positioned myself directly behind you

Only a partition of light bushes separate us

I note your quiet distress but do not reveal myself

Until you turn

You mutter a light profanity and grab my hand

And lead me along the dusty sea path