Sleeping at Bedwyn Railway Station on a Summer’s Afternoon

During the recent spell of very hot weather

I found myself walking in the Wiltshire countryside

It was almost musical

The hot winds were dancing with the golden wheatfields

But the distant trees remained still

That was one of the many mysteries I faced that day

However I was required elsewhere

I am always required elsewhere

So I made my way back to Bedwyn

My intention was to catch a train

But there were no trains due to a pigeon exploding somewhere on the network

I waited and waited but there were none

So I decided to walk to my home town

But before setting out I rested for a while on the platform on Bedwyn Railway Station

I chose a shady spot and soon stretched out and fell asleep like a gentleman of the road

My slumbers were rudely interrupted an hour later when an express train roared through the station

It alarmed me and I awoke with a start

When I regained my senses I could see that only express trains would pass by

And that lesser trains would not call at this rural outpost for some hours

So I started my journey and within two hours I was back in my home town

It was only then that I realised that I had left my copy of the Pilgrims Progress on the lonely platform at Bedwyn

I made enquiries about its return but it was reported that the angels had taken it

As they required a book to read during their off-duty hours