Summer Solstice Avebury (June 21 2017)

Those who witnessed the dawn are fading gradually

Some remain in small communities under the decorated trees

Temperatures are in the nineties

Everything is busy but still

From my vantage I can hear pan pipes mixed lightly with heavy rock

People are dancing near the stones and chanting ancient words

Whose meanings was lost over a thousand years ago

I am going to buy the shit out of the shop

Without any money

We have no money

Their excitement evaporates and the barefoot trio return to the shady tree

I have five pounds

I have ten

Do not waste it on alcohol

Soft drinks and chilled water

You are turning into a square Mike

Somebody has to be sensible

Their words fade as they walk slowly along the rough chalk path towards the village

Wiltshire is known as a county of harsh landscapes but today she is benign

So very benign

Her fields stretch out as far as the eye can see

Some are being harvested

Others simmer in the heat of the day

I decide to walk to Silbury which is about a mile distant

My journey will necessitate the climbing of a shallow hill

This is the Hill of Sudden Dreams


The buzz bees say as they swarm without malice over the warm wheat fields


I do not understand the language of bees


Bees do not have a language
Theirs is a musical existence

As I sit on the descending path

I look at Silbury in the haze

She is as fecund as she always is

But today she seems more fertile

I would like to roll my hand over her swollen belly

And sup from her milky breasts

Open your eyes now and return to the small village through the avenue of the mighty stones

I hear these words on the summer breeze

Do you know what is down that road sir?

There are a few more stones but really there is not much more to see

Can you recommend anything else?

We have walked around the stones so many times

In this heat

My sister is mad  

All Canadians are mad

Is it always this hot in the UK?

No this is quite exceptional

Usually it is 23 or 24 in June

Not 34 degrees as it is today

I was told that it rains a lot in the UK

Maybe that is true for the northern counties but the south is normally dry

The taller of the two sisters points to the Hill of Sudden Dreams

What is over that hill?

Silbury you will find Silbury on the other side of the hill

But beware of the hill as it looks placid from here but is a hefty climb

Stop at times and admire the view

I do not mention the soft sudden dreams

That they might experience on their climb

It is not my place to tell them

I would not like to see their disappointment

Should their dreams evaporate and fade

Thank you they said that the English were polite and kind and you certainly are

It was my pleasure  

To my surprise the smaller sister fist pumps me

Enjoy your day

I am sure we will


Within minutes the two sisters are figures in a pastel landscape

And then they are gone

I visit the old inn for a welcome drink

The ice machine has broken down

What a day for it to happen

I sit for a while with my warm drink

My bus is due in ten

I will be in Marlborough quite soon

With its public school and wide high street

Where I will change buses for the last time

And travel through the dark Savernake Forest

Towards the sleepy town of Hungerford

Where I will rest tonight