The Dziga Vertov Group and Sally Ann

I was a member of the Dziga Vertov Group until I anticipated the coming of the TGVs

Fast trains had always fascinated me and I had spent hours making love to Sally Ann next to slow moving branch lines waiting for advances in railway technology

The opportunity to fuck her next to the railway tracks that carried high speed trains was too good to miss and I still receive correspondence from passengers on these early trains complementing Sally Ann on her choice of headwear and her beautiful breasts

I recall my struggles in Italy with Vladimir and Rosa but they have told me that everything’s fine and the wind from the east was the same both here and elsewhere during those turbulent years

In a later letter to Jane I praised the Soviet filmmaker Dziga Vertov but she was still pissed with me because of the failure of our joint collective film

It was a film like the others she was told and she blamed me for its blandness

But that is now past and I am sitting in a small café with Sally Ann sharing a small bottle of Pravda vodka

We are watching the TGVs and other high speed trains scream through the nearby station

Soon we will return to our apartment and fuck in front of the webcam cameras

That is the way we earn extra income these days

We no longer make love next to the railway tracks due to the increased use of electronic signalling equipment and the frequency of the maintenance crews