The Key (Dream Message)

If you proceed to Park Street Railway Station on the edge of the city you will find a passenger footbridge that is no longer used

This footbridge is situated at the south end of the station and should not be confused with the other newer footbridge which is nearer to the dilapidated station buildings

This footbridge is adjacent to a tall wire fence erected over thirty years ago to protect a number of warehouses (now disused)

When you find the space between the footbridge and the fence (be aware that this area is much covered by the debris of the recent rebuilding of the Catholic Church) you will see a lock with a key attached to it

The lock is attached to the bridge and cannot be moved but the key (which has a blue plasic fob) is accessible

You should not entertain much trouble when releasing this key and when you have done so please secure the key safely on your person

This key (which is the only key) will open the wooden box which contains the papers of Josephina the mulatto companion and lover of the great poet Galloway

As you are aware Josephina committed suicide without known reason some ten years after the death of the great poet

Her sister collected her papers together soon after her death and retired them to a wooden box which is in the city museum

The whereabouts of this key have only recently come to light and I ask you to take all precautions when retrieving and storing this key as it is rumoured that the contents of Josephina’s papers could have an international impact or at the very least embarrass many high ranking officials in the government today

If you think you are being watched or followed please abandon your mission

However if you do retrieve the key without inhibition please board the 09.28 City train and sit in seat C28 which will be vacant

Alight at the City station and proceed to the Hotel Splendid where there is a room already booked in your name

Please wait and I will send you future instructions in your dreams