Interview (Delirium)

Interview (Delirium)

Instead of keeping a diary Jones April Jones kept the days of his life recorded in tightly sealed glass jars

One day his wife gave him a triple fused nut

Which he hid straight away as he was ashamed of its deformity


Interview (Delirium)

Jones April Jones kept his winter specimens in tightly sealed glass jars

He kept these jars in a dark cupboard as he was afraid that they would contaminate the warmer months


Interview (Delirium)

In his dream Jones April Jones was running along a towpath in total darkness

He did not trip or fall as he knew the towpath well

Soon he found himself in a large well lit building

In a corner there was a small zoo which he initially ignored

Parrots and meerkat’s and a number of small lizards

Were living in total harmony

He greeted them warmly and then returned to the dark towpath