The Haunted Owl

From his vantage the owl could see across the cornfield

Nothing stirred

The hour was young

A field mouse ran along the branch

It positioned itself next to the owl

As it did each day

Just after dawn


Why do you stare into the field owl?

I never tire of looking into the field

Why are you not there mouse?

Became I will be attacked

I am safe on this branch

I will protect you

I know that you will protect me

But I am timid

As you will

What has positioned your attention today owl?

I have lost something

Then retrieve it

I do not want to spoil the moment

You confuse me owl

Have you ever lost anything precious?


What did you do?

I did nothing as I was scared to venture into the field

The day was hot

You forget mouse that this field is cool in the summer

It was not the heat that bothered me

And is warm in the winter

Too many were creatures were lurking in the field

They would have harmed me

I would have protected you

What did you lose?

A trinket nothing more

I once lost something in this field

Did you retrieve it?



Because when an object is lost

One is normally sad

But I was not sad

Why were you not sad?

Because I imagined the happiness I would feel when I found it again

I just wanted to save that moment for as long as possible

You are quite old owl

I know I am

Your days are numbered but you just sit on this branch

One day you will die

I am aware of that

Then why do you not retrieve the object you lost?

I will

On my last day on this branch I will retrieve my loss

Why not do it today

Or tomorrow

No I will retrieve the object on my last day

Then you will not enjoy it for long

I will experience happiness

In that moment of retrieval I will experience an extreme happiness

And then I will be ready for eternity

What did you lose owl?

I did not really lose anything

Certainly not an object as I have suggested  

Just my mother’s love

And it is there hidden in this golden cornfield

Waiting for me