Las Palmas

Las Palmas

In a dream a failed politician ordered many cases of fine wine

I knew this to be a scam

So I reported him to the authorities

Last week he committed suicide

By throwing himself from his apartment window

His daughter owned the apartment

She is married to my son

Who lives with his sister

In an apartment that overlooks the sea



I am a cop

I have worked in this town

For six years

My job is to clear up the mess others leave

And investigate the dark corners

I do not think the politician jumped

He was pushed

Why jump over a few cases of bent wine?



I have a passion for fast cars

And own a Porsche

A lot of people

Owe me favours

Which I often collect


Captain Alonso  

Captain Alonso is keen for me to close this case

As the tourist season

Is almost upon us

And dead politicians

Are bad for business



My wife is bisexual

I knew this when I married her

Her life fits into the demands of my job

I am about to ask her

To seduce the politicians daughter

Who is also bisexual

And record their pillow talk



My main suspect is a rapper from France

Who was also fucking

The daughter of the politician

But I have yet to discover his motive


Resolution One

Why did you kill the politician?

Because he was fucking your daughter

You killed him because you were jealous

No man I did not

I do not mind sharing my women

Then why?

That an easy question man

Is it?

It is an easy question

Then answer it

I killed the politician became he was fucking your daughter

And I respect you cops

I really do   


Resolution Two

My wife killed the politician

Because he was fucking my daughter

She had become jealous

And did not want to share her

My wife wants me to forgive her

There is nothing to forgive


Resolution Three

I killed that motherfucker of a politician

There are enough scumbags on the island

Did you kill the motherfucker because he was fucking your daughter?


Then why did you kill the motherfucker?

Because of my fine wines

Your fine wines?

The motherfucker ripped me off

So you killed him because of your fine wines?


Is that a motive?



Because I find great comfort in my fine wines

Do you drink them often?

No I have never opened a bottle

Describe what you mean by comfort Raul

The colour

The touch

The feel of the glass bottles against your face

It is similar to that of a woman’s breast

But you would not know about that would you Captain Alonso?



They buried the politician today

I represented the police force

His death has been recorded as a suicide

Suicides are quite common in Las Palmas

At this time of the year