A Petersfield Poet Visits St Michael’s Mount

Thistle Soup

Collect twenty golden thistles

Crush and add to boiling water

Add ginger


Pulp again

Serve with red fruits  


Angela was sitting in the small boat used when the causeway was flooded

Gerald was the captain of the Maid of the Sea

Not enough for June

You should have been here last September

These lines are from a movie

I know

It starred Dirk Bogarde

Are you on a spying mission?

Why do t=you ask that

Because I have noticed a typing error in your poem

You cannot have spotted a typing error

It easily spotted

I cannot see it

It is noticeable that left handed people often mistype

I cannot see my error

You have included a t= in the midst of a line

I am not left handed

The n why do you write with your left hand

You have not seen me writing today

I saw you writing a recipe

I do not write recipes

I am not a cook

Gerald snatched a small piece of paper from Angela’s hand

Then what is this I ask

A recipe

A recipe for Thistele Soup

Thistle is not spelt as Thistele

It was a silly mistake my dear

I am afraid that I have unmasked you as a spy

You day is spent

The authorities will be waiting for you when we return

You will spend years in prison

Angela pulled a small pistol from her red clutch bag

She shot Gerald between the eyes and he fell heavily into the sea

The Maid of the Sea no longer had a captain