Crossing the Equator

I was sharing a bath with Hildegart Rodriguez Carballeira

She was the most intelligent girl in Spain

We will be crossing the equator in three hours

What shall we do?

The usual I will chase you and the other crew members around the boat with shaving foam and we will fight with olive oil

And after?

We will all jump into the sea naked

But what about the brandy?

It is the only alcohol we have left on board

And yes we will offer the sea a share of our brandy

Do you know what I am going to do?

Tell me

I am going to build a garden shed from the remains of an ocean going yacht

Why would you destroy a much travelled beautiful yacht to construct a humble garden shed?

Because it was originally a garden shed

And this bath?

This bath was originally a security fence

But why should you not make the shed from the remains of the security fence?

Because it is not organic

Are you saying that this bath is not organic?


But it contains two living creatures

One lovelier than the other

Thank you

Beauty is an abstract

I am large

What is large?

I am large

Hildegart Rodriguez Carballeira  stood up in the bath

I am large

Whether you are large or not is of no consequence

Do you think that this bath considers you large?

Do you think that the security fence considers you large?

You have an ample bottom and full breasts

But you are not large

Hildegart Rodriguez Carballeira slid back into the bath

There was very little displacement of water

See you have hardly disturbed our bath water

That is because I am not here

You have imagined me

I am in your garden shed