Flowers over Paris

Antoine ran up the stairs towards the apartment Agnes

He was carrying flowers

Flowers for Agnes

For it was her birthday

He knocked once

Agnes opened her door

She was wearing a lilac and lavender dress

Which touched her toes

She took the flowers and placed them in a vase

In the distance through the open window

Antoine could see the Eiffel Tower

Shimmering in a blue heat mist

He removed his jacket

And then his tie

And leapt from the balcony

But he did not fall

For Agnes was holding his trailing hand

The flowers pink red and yellow

Floated carelessly around the young lovers

As they flew above the singing city

Later when they had tired

They lay on the balcony

In each other’s arms

And watched the lilac and lavender dress

Flying with a flock of migrating birds

In a southerly direction