On the train to the airport Mr Sadhus the ticket conductor gave me three books about the art and the preparation of memorable curries

He had written these books himself

The train driver gave my wife six packets of various curry powders

Wrapped in cellophane


When standing on the top of the Empire State Building I noticed that you were listening to music on your headphones

When I enquired of the rapper

You informed me that you were listening to Marseille by Keny Arkana

Marseille Marseille Marseille Marseille

Later we shared a coffee in small café not far from Times Square

The waitress who served us was French and had been born in Marseille


Whilst in a mall in New York I noticed that a lift had been installed without any sides

There was no frequency in its use


You woke up at six in the morning and wrote a letter to your sister in Argentina

I posted the letter for you

You received a reply just before noon

And treated me to an afternoon in a model village

We both took our wheelchairs


When I returned from work one day

I found you sitting in our garden wearing a gossamer blouse without a bra

You offered me a Bud and a slice of lime

I do not usually drink

But I was so impressed with your breasts

That I accepted the beer


At West Windsor railway station

You left our train

As you had left your cardigan in the waiting room

The train door locked before you returned

We agreed to meet under the great clock

At Paddington Station

Like young lovers


We had been staying in a hotel in Reykjavik

I had an interest in trains and volcano’s

And you were chasing the sun

On the sixth day of our stay it snowed