The Deaf Girl

The deaf girl was signing on her phone

To a friend who lived in another town

Hail the pink blossom

It decorates the trees

Spring is here

The deaf girl was called Antonia

And she came from a small farm

Lost on the great plains

At the age of seven

The long silence had caused her to become deaf

Hail the fertile earth

It decorates the sky

Spring is here

A blind musician

Whispered in to her ear  

Feel the vibrations

Feel the vibrations

Feel the vibrations of the spring

The deaf girl caressed the eyelids of the blind musician

Who had never seen the sun

My name is Antonia

I have never heard the wind

You have never seen the sun

Decorating the spring trees

She placed the blind musician’s fingers on to the low blossoms

Feel its tender velvet colour

In this light

Never duller

The blind musician smiled

He cupped his hands over the deaf girl’s silent ears

Hear the winds oh Antonia

Travelling vast distances

Before arriving here

The blind musician opened his eyes

And saw the orchard spring splendid

He removed his hands from the deaf girl’s ears

Listen oh Antonia

Listen for the spring birds

On the high winds clear

The blind musician looked at scudding clouds

As they crossed the hollow sun never seen

The girl no longer deaf

Listened as the music of the newest season

Cast away its winter woes