Cowboy Story

Zane was walking slowly across the plains as his horse was tired

Martha was riding beside him

Her horse had insisted that she ride him

As she was a woman and he was a horse

I hear that you are writing a poem Zane

Cowboys do not write poems Jane


What is the name of your poem Jane?


The Sex Life of Angels

Angels do not have sex Zane

What makes you think that?

There is no mention of it in the good book

There is no mention of Red Indians in the Bible either but we are in this godforsaken place hunting one

Three weeks earlier two Indians had raided a ranch and killed the ranch hand who had tried to stop them

Zane and Martha had already shot and killed one of the Indians and were now chasing the other across the Great Plains

Damn it Martha I wish the fuckers would attack in force so we could put an end to them once and for all

You will claim the bounty

Of course I will why do you think I do it?

Out of love

Out of love?

You really love them that is why you kill them so that they can be at peace with their ancestors

Do you know what I really love?

The look of fear in their eyes when we corner them

And the way their heads explode when I shoot them

In the distance the hunted Indian

Was dancing with a German named Karl 

Why did you do it son?

The Indian looked at Martha and Zane

There was a fear in his eyes

Because I am in love with Karl

Martha raised her rifle and blew the German’s brains out of his skull

God did not raise you to love other men

Take your shirt off Jane


Take your shirt off Martha and show him what a white woman looks like

Martha removed her shirt

Do you like my breasts Indian?

Touch them

The Indian nervously touched Martha’s breasts

Get your pecker out boy enjoy yourself I am not a cruel man

For a moment the Indian did nothing but then slowly pulled his pecker out

What are you going to do with it then?

There is no use just staring at it

The Indian began to cry

Look Jane you have upset him


Look Zane you have upset him

I bet you cried a lot when you shot poor Billy



It was me I shot Billy because he saw me in the bath

What the fuck

It was me

You do not normally worry who looks at your arse

Half the cowboys in Sandstone have fucked you

But he was acting peculiar


Yes peculiar he gave me a Bible and forgave my sins

So we have travelled all the way out here for no reason

The light is nice today

Fuck the light

Boy put your pecker away and you put your shirt on

At that very moment Zane’s horse turned into an Angel

She beckoned the Indian towards her and undressed him slowly

Then she removed her heavenly robes

This is getting too much for me come on Martha


Come on Jane lets get out of here

But we only have one horse and he is very tired

Then we will fucking walk

It is over one hundred miles to the nearest town

What do you suggest we do stay here and watch the Indian and the Angel fuck?

I can think of worse things to do

What about the dead German you made a complete mess of his head

He is not dead

What you have his brains all over your shirt

No he is there with the Indian and the Angel

Zane looked around

His sister was correct for no more than a couple of yards in front of them the German was in congress with the Indian and the Angel

Do you want me Zane it has been a long tiime?

Want you?

Yes do you want to fuck me and lick my cunt as you used to do?

If I was you I would keep a civil tongue in your head sister otherwise I will slap you

Like you used to do?

Zane looked at the vast plains that surrounded him and when he returned his gaze to his sister she was also naked

You will burn in Hell sister as these two will burn in Hell



Yes there are three the Indian is fucking the Angel whilst the German is fucking his arse

Martha started undressing her brother

You ware hard all along you dirty boy

Let me kiss it better for you

Just do not bite

As Martha knelt in front of her brother the other horse suddenly turned into God

Now what do we have here?

Nothing my Lord

Well you know I should punish you all as I am a vengeful God but I feel good today so I am going to let you all off

What do you mean?

Well I am not going to strike you all dead or make you blind or that kind of thing

I just ask one thing of you all

What is that God of Mercy?

I want you to build a church here


Yes exactly here where you have all sinned so dreadfully

But there is no wood no nails and no paint

And no congregation

That is really your problem

Please do not try my paitence

The Angel who was sitting crosslegged in front of Zane suddenly changed into a horse

And the German changed into a chariot

God climbed on to the chariot and vanished in a flash of light

Zane looked at the Indian

The Indian looked at Martha

Martha looked at Zane

Well what are we waiting for we have a church to build

And this is how the town of Zane came into existance

Today Martha Zane and the Indian lie together in the same grave

A spot that is often visited by tourists