As I sit in my chair

I watch an old woman

Ironing naked in her apartment

A man possibly her husband

Enters the room

He is naked also

And has an erection

He cups her breasts

And enters her from the rear

You enter the room still damp

I stroke your cunt

With the back of my hand

And feel the electricity

Pulsing through your body

I tell you of the couple fucking

In the apartment opposite

And we watch them

You wipe the sweat

From the small of my back

And tell me to shower as I smell

I throw you onto the bed

And try to fuck you

You tell me to shower again

I part your legs

And lick your fragrant cunt

You know that I am winning the battle

And slowly you roll from side to side

As I consume your juices

It is too hot to fuck

You say

But the older people have managed it

I reply

You smile

And tell me to shower once more