Fabian Gill

Spool 2

Unchecked tickets please

Thank you

Thank you

Unchecked tickets

Seventeen pages

There were seventeen pages can you believe that?

It was a moderate success

I was slightly embarrassed but my GP said it was quite common and totally harmless

The cream was lavender in colour but smelt of bleach

Spool 2 complete duration 18 seconds

Julie where are you?


Julie bring me the other spools when you have a moment

Spools 9 and 19

Essex Charities

A recording of a lecture given by a Dr G Hill on the 5th of May 1946

The determination of the Essex County Council to enquire into the county charities suggests to me that a useful purpose will be served if a small part of the meeting is devoted to the subject

Spool 9 is damaged 

What about spool 19?

Spool 19 was water damaged during the floods of 1972

Can anything be retrieved?


May I call you Martha?

Do you not like my name Julie?

Julie is missing I wish she would help me with these boxes as there are so many

Fabian why are you so muddled?

There are so many boxes

There are only four boxes containing one hundred and twenty four spools in each

Or one hundred and twenty four boxes containing four spools in each

Spool 28 is lost

Where is spool 28?

It was lost in the floods of 1972

Spool 11 and Spool 17

The Great Central Railway

The opening of the Great Central Railway for passenger traffic on the 15th of March has connected London and the North of England by a forth trunk line

A pleasant trip that I was privileged to make a few months ago in the company of Mr Haig Brown the courteous Superintendent of the line started from the new station

From the point where it enters the Home Counties

Twenty minutes further north

Gliding smoothly

To popularise topography

And briefly allude to some places of interest which it has rendered more easily accessible

Spool 11 complete

Spool 17 is inaccessible due to flood damage

Where is Julie?

I am Julie

You are Martha I renamed you earlier today

My parents named me Julie

And mine called me Fabian

Where is the girl

Counting the spools

How many are there?

Four hundred and ninety five

Spool 28 is missing

Spool 4 and Spool 24

Sand showers have been used since antiquity it is suggested that they should be re-introduced to guard against water related diseases in developing countries

An experiment

This is all that remains of spool 24

Spool 4


It was just pure luck that I happened to be there

In the right place at the right time

This is all that remains of spool 4

Spool 3 Spool 5 and Spool 20 have been lost in transit they were not water damaged

Destroy the lot set fire to these spools they have so little to offer

It is raining outside

Well then we will have a bonfire in here in the warehouse

Is that wise as the tapes might give off a toxic gas?

Where is Julie?

I have found Julie

Where was Julie?

She was in the boathouse reading Celine