Frazer Park

Last month two tourists were murdered in Frazer Park

I knew who their assassins were

So adopting a disguise I followed them back to their ghetto

And shot them to death

A full scale gang war is now in progress

But at least the tourists are safe


A friend from Saturn rang me and asked that he might borrow

My map of Frazer Park

As he planned to visit me in the near future


Frazer Park was presented to the city in 1844 by George MacDonald Frazer a wealthy Scottish industrialist

The area had previously been used to graze both sheep and goats and was mentioned in David’s Pastures within Cities in 1820

The park was opened in 1849 and was extended in 1877 and further enlarged in 1901

After its heyday in the 1930s Frazer Park fell into decline and by the 1970s was considered a no-go area by many inhabitants of the city as it was frequented by muggers and drug users

In 1990 Mayor Lansky launched a zero tolerance campaign and within two years the park was considered safe again and its popularity increased

In 1997 Frazer Park became a suburb of Saturn