The Frog The Suncloud and the Life of Nelson

The sunburst was completely silver but to the devoted it was constructed of gold

A spider spun an artificial web

Of all insects spiders are the most progressive

A frog scuttled across the wide wet path

It was unaware of the scorching sky

And knew that the low plants would offer it sanctuary from predators

Henry’s house high on the hill heard hungry hawks hurrying homewards

Mingle Katherine was sitting under the five stunted trees

Near to the railway crossing

She often sat there and read

The Life of Nelson  

As she was far from the sea

I watched her from the purple fields

Behind me rose Mount Croda Cruz and the Sassolungo di Cibiana

Both lay in view but were almost hidden by the low linked clouds

Katherine Manchetti the visionary poet from Flanders

Lived in a fallow hut with only a sparrow hawk for company

The proud bird had originated from the Asolan Hills

And adored moths

Which could be found in huge numbers

In the valleys of the area