It was many and many a year ago
In a kingdom by the sea
That a maiden there lived whom you may know
By the name of ANNABEL LEE


A minute I am copying out the poem by Poe

Which one?


Jonny-Jonny is on the phone he wants you to take a break as he is tired

Then I shall take a break and maybe start again tomorrow

Judith placed her pen in the desk tidy and left the study

The study that overlooked the pool

In which a pistol once fired was hidden


August Lyrical

I thought I saw two people walking a dog in a faraway field

But they turned out to be summer trees

I will never the early morning so carelessly again


August Swim

The breeze lied to me today promising rain

I watched you swim in our dream place

As the clouds turned a Monroe Grey  



I placed her pen in the desk tidy and left my study

My study that overlooked the pool

In which a pistol once fired was hidden

I picked up the internal phone and rang 2×3

Annabel picked up the receiver


Where is Judith?

In the study copying out the Poe poem

Would you ask her to finish it off as I am getting a little tired

No problem

Are you going to join us in the pool?

I might do

After all you created it for us

Life was so boring before you created the pool

There is a pistol in the pool

I know

Do you know how it got there?


Anna K has been shot and I feel that it is my fault

Is she ok?

It is only a flesh wound

She is resting in my bed at present

Who shot her?

The cops

Will they not come here?

Eventually I have written in another shooting in another town and they are investigating that at present

They think Anna K is on a train many kilometres from here

What should we do if they show up here?

Just jump in the pool with Judith and for fucks sake hide the pistol

This will give me the time to write the next chapter


Interview with Anna K

Anna was sitting up when I entered the room

I could see her wound

The bullet had cut a deep furrow in her shoulder but caused only external tissue damage

She smiled

Long time Rolf long time

I am known as Jonny-Jonny now

I think it was late in 1976 when I last saw you after the Dusseldorf shooting

I thought you were dead

No I escaped and lived in Normandy for the next two years but the cops were always just behind me

How long were you in jail?

Fourteen years

I was released in 1992 as they did not think I was a danger to society

Are you are you a danger to society?

I ask myself that question quite often but do not answer it

Why did you betray me Rolf?

I did not betray you I just created your character in my book

It did not take them long to guess three times three does not make six

Like you I had been living under an assumed name Gretal Paigne

I was an art restorer and you might like this I still lived in Dusseldorf

I often passed the very cops who were hunting me in the street

But I was plain old Gretal Paigne from a good Jewish family

But you hated the Jews

We hated everything in those days

I was a responsible Jew

I changed my looks and put on weight

It worked and after a while they lost interest

Magnal the chief prosecutor died which was stroke of luck

They became more disorganised after his death

Until your fucking book

Who shot you?

A rookie cop

I reached inside my pocket for my id and the fool shot me

Don’t worry his car overturned on the autobahn he was killed soon after you were shot

That was the least I could do for you

And I am here lying in your bed with half my fucking shoulder blown away thank you

Do you think I have changed?

A little


You could do with a good meal

Maybe put some colour in your hair

What are you going to do?

I will go back to Dusseldorf again and open up another shop I might teach music as it was what I was studying at University before we joined the FKK

Joking apart what are you going to do?

You are the writer Rolf create my future perhaps I could join your ménage a trios here

Jonny-Jonny and his ladies

What a fucking stupid name you have

It sells

Anna’s wound was bleeding again and Rolf bathed it gently

Sleep now

What about the cops?

You are safe here for the present as they are chasing you in Nice or maybe Cannes or maybe Antibes I have not decided where yet

I will finish that chapter after I leave you

Sleep now


The Publisher Findley

You see her father had two wives and both died

The first was Gaynor G  

She was the policewoman you shot dead in Dusseldorf 

He married the sister of Gaynor G and she was Judith’s mother

Is she also dead?

Yes the car in which she and her family were travelling was involved in a head on smash with a police car after the FKK bank raid in Stuttgart

The FKK disbanded after I was jailed and Anna went to ground

It did but there were cells that were still active right up to about ten years ago

They did not attack targets as your group did but robbed banks and the like so that they could finance something bigger

The operation was much more organised than yours

You may have wanted to change society to educate people but the later FKK cells had a bigger agenda

But they did not have a charismatic leader like yourself and because of this they were fragmented

Tell me about the crash

It was simple a group of FKK activists attempted to rob a bank in the suburbs of Stuttgart but the police were waiting for them

It was supposed to be a bloodless operation as the activists were only small fry but as normal the police fucked it up and there was a shoot out

One of the FKK cars escaped and was chased down the autobahn and this is when the crash happened

It appears that the driver of the police car was shot in the head during the chase and his car collided head on with the car in which Judith and her family was travelling

She lost her father and mother and was terribly injured herself

Did she recover?

You could say that, she had her right leg amputated above the knee and was badly scarred but she overcame this and became a respected wrier

I cannot say that I have read her work

She writes critical studies of famous writers and poets

She wrote a book on Poe which was very well received and it currently translating his poems into Polish

Does she know of my past?


Is this a wise appointment?

Look you are hot property today your last book sold millions people are not interested in your past they are just interested in Jonny-Jonny

You can use my villa it is in the hills it is very quiet

Does it have a pool?

No just write one into your book

It was previously owned by a rock star who killed himself there


He hung himself from a tree in the orchard

What was his name?

Hugo H

His brother committed suicide nearly ten years after Hugo in the house that we are about to pass

What was his name?

The Brother of Hugo H

The car stopped in front of a rather scruffy villa which had been built in the 1950s and had obviously seen better days

Is this it?

Yes but you can tidy it up in your dreams

Do not get any thoughts about Judith though

She works in a carpet factory


She is a grade one lesbian and as far as I know is fucking a woman called ANNABEL LEE

Fuck off Findlay

Perhaps if you are really nice to her she will tap your cock before she tucks you in for the night

Do you want this book or not?

Yes and this is why I have brought you here

I want you to write and write and make us very wealthy

You really are an old Jew through and through


August Super Winds

I always imagined that ANNABEL LEE resembled

The Dark Lady of the Sonnets

I do not know why as Poe does not reveal much

Judith said this to me when filming

The Sunshine Naturists of America

For a cable television channel



I’m happy when I’m a hiking
Towards a beautiful tor
For when the sun is a shining
I will always return for more 



Greek Builders

In a few short weeks I had tidied the villa up

I would be able to write

In chapter thirteen of my book

Thirteen burly Greek builders constructed a swimming pool

To my specifications


Conversations with a Naked Amputee 

And this was the reason that, long ago

In the kingdom by the sea

A wind blew out of a cloud ,chilling

My beautiful ANNABEL LEE


Judith was sitting quite naked on the stool as I entered my study

The scars that she had suffered in her terrible car accident were very evident

The skin on the right side of her body was red and rough


Oh I am sorry I did not know you were here

This is your study

Nevertheless I should have been aware of you working

You would not have known that I was naked

Do you often work naked?

If the air is as hot as it is today

Do you?

Not when writing but sometimes when you and ANNABELLE LEE are out I swim naked in the pool 

Have I embarrassed you?

If I was worried then I would have locked the door

The doors do not have locks the rock star removed them all

Do you hate what you see?

No should I?

My scarred body my missing leg

It is evident but it is of no consequence to me

The car crash was so severe that only my shoulders breasts and my face remained untouched although my nose was broken

Do you like my shoulders?


My breasts?


My face?

You have a beautiful face

I wanted you to see me naked that is why I sat in your study

With difficulty Judith stood up and faced me

I noticed that small crimson flowers had been attached to her pubic hair very much in the manner of a daisy chain

That was my girlfriend’s doing she was here until moments before you arrived you must have passed her on the stairs

No-one passed me

I think she was becoming bored so she decorated me

She achieved a good effect

Judith sat down and began to attach her prosthetic leg

Although I am scarred and hideous and only have one leg there are things that are advantageous to me

What might they be?

Feminine fucking it is so much easier with only one leg

I have never thought of it that way

Before I was crippled I had to be something of a contortionist when fucking girls but now I just slot in nicely between the thighs of ANNABEL LEE

How is your translation going?


I have had Findley on the telephone

Tell the old Jew to fuck off he will receive the translation when I am ready

With her prosthetic leg fitted Judith moved around the room with surprising ease

She looked out of the window at the empty swimming pool

Do you know there is a pistol in the pool?


How did it get there?

I don’t know I have not thought about that yet


The Apple and the Swimming Pool


As I walked down the stone steps I could hear splashing in the pool

I expected to see ANNABELLE LEE swimming but when the pool came into view it was empty

I could see wet footmarks leading away on the path which led to the lemon trees


I have a task for you

There was no reply

I picked an apple which she had left on a sun lounger

I took a bite from it

It tasted bitter



Earlier I had noticed that on the mirror in the wash room that someone had written

Daughters of the Left Rise Up Again

They had borrowed my lipstick

I recognised the colour


Memories of Hammersmith

That evening I received a mail from Henryk Seinkiewicz which read as follows

Between July 1897 and March 1946 Martha Jane Edwards the loving mother of George Arthur Edwards who died on the 29th of July 1897 aged just seven months was known to visit his grave in the Lewisham Cemetery at least twice a month

After he death in March 1946 the grave was never visited again and is currently in a stage of advanced neglect

This is a fact



Judith had attached the chain of small crimson flowers to a wind chime which was moving quietly in the light breeze

A butterfly landed on the wind chime

Where are you going butterfly?

I am going to Rome

Then head for the hills and cross the sea as it is many days distant

Do take a crimson flower with you

I cut a flower from the chain and handed it to the butterfly

I am not looking forward to my journey

Be strong in your journey


Wola Okrzejska

My memorial overlooks the wheat fields which are so golden

Do visit me in August

It is the loveliest time of the year



August is the most private of months as it known that on one hand it is hiding the autumn but on the other it is celebrating high summer

Days of extreme heat often occur in August especially in countries further north like England Sweden Denmark and Finland 

I was in England a few years ago when the temperature topped one hundred degrees which is very unusual for a country which is for the most part in the path of westerly winds

Today two Sopwith Camels passed overhead like angry moths and flew into clouds above Bordeaux

August is a month of sounds but also of silence and as I write I am looking toward the distant hills of Rouge Mi

There is nothing but silence

Even the insects are at peace


The Pistol in the Pool

The telephone rang


Are you writing?  

It was Anna K

Yes but I need a break

Two cops have arrived and they are looking for Anna K

Get in the pool and hide the pistol

I will deal with the cops

The cop and his female partner were waiting at the gate

May we have entry sir?

Of course how may I help you?

Can we discuss this by your pool?

Be my guest

We sat in the hard seating area just in front of the terrace which led to the villa

Anna K was swimming in the pool

How may I help you?

Are you the writer and ex terrorist Jonny-Jonny?

I was known as Rolf then

You knew Anna K

Very well we were lovers as well as members of the FKK

Have you seen her recently?

No the last time I saw her was during the shootout  in Dusseldorf in 1976

You killed my grandfather

I am sorry but it was different country then

What is your name?

Christina Schultz

I remember your grandfather Bernard Shultz

He would just not let me escape

 A professional to the end

Did he die a hero?

No I shot him in the back as he tended to a fallen comrade

May I use your pool?

Go ahead

That is the only reason she accompanies me

You confuse me

So that she can use the pools in the neighbourhood

She looks better out of uniform

I agree

Does she talk to you about her grandfather?

She hated him you did the family a favour by blowing him away

Why did you come here please remind me?

We are hunting Anna K you identified her in your most recent novel Super-Terrorist

She is in the pool with your partner

Have you seen her?

As I said not since 1976

Do you live here alone?

My publisher has lent me this villa as I write a sequel to Super-Terrorist

There have reports that a woman with one leg has been seen at this villa

That is Judith she is an amputee

My information is that another woman has been seen here I have her description in my notebook

Raven haired raven eyes resembling Shakespeare’s Dark Lady of the Sonnets


Are you engaged in a relationship with either of these woman?

Not a chance they are both raving dykes

They keep me awake at night just listening to them

I am surprised I write at all

Why are they here?

They are my research assistants

Are they here now?

No they are at a festival

The Festival of Food?

I believe so

Anna K and the female cop emerged naked from the pool

They lay next to each other on the sun loungers

Another five minutes Christina just five minutes

Do you fuck her?

Only after drug busts as they turn us both on so much

Anna K wrapped the pistol in a towel and passed it to me as the cops left

Did the female cop suspect anything?

No she was too busy telling me about her perfect tits

We will have to hide this pistol as I am sure the male cop suspected something it was something in his manner

Shall I throw the pistol back into the pool?

Yes and make sure it is near the overflow pipe

Today was to close for comfort


Message from a Critic

You are through to Jonny-Jonny I am online

You undress your female characters at every opportunity but do not reveal yourself or any of your male characters 

Do you really want to see Findlay’s tiny Jewish Dick?

Why did the male cop not join the women in the pool instead of leering at his partner’s backside?

He was questioning me

Why were you not naked?

I never write naked I only swim naked

But never in front of your assistants

I doubt if they would be interested

Did you enjoy seeing Judith naked?

I did not enjoy or enjoy seeing Judith naked it was essential to the plot that I saw her naked


It was a catharsis for her obviously she needed somebody outside of her female lovers to see her naked

I doubt if she has ever been fucked by a man

Is that why she decorated her cunt?

I thought ANNABELLE LEE had weaved the flowers in her pubic hair

That is what she told me  

Will you explore that in your book?

No if she happy with ANNABELLE LEE then I will not interfere

Does it turn you on when you hear them fucking at night

No it irritates me as I am trying to sleep

Findley wants this book in a month

Then why do you not go in and tell them to quieten down?

Are you scared of seeing two women fucking?


Then why do you suffer it?

I do not have an answer

Why do you not write a three-way into your book?

It is not essential to the plot

Just think of it having two dykes at once

I think it turns you on more than me

What turns me on?

Fucking lesbians

That is you all over so so smart or at least you think you are Mr Cool who ensures that all his female characters go naked

Is that why you created the swimming pool? 

No my assistants expressed their boredom so I created a pool for them

To see them naked?

No I do not watch them when they are in the pool


Because I am too busy writing

Do you want to watch them?

Do you?

Yes please please write me in as a pizza delivery man who accidently interrupts them the next time they are in the pool together

And if that lovely cop could be there also then I would be so grateful to you

I will see what I can do

Thank you



You are through to Jonny-Jonny I cannot reply to you right now so would you type in your message and I will come back to you as soon as possible  

Finlay here – would you give a call or mail me – the Americans want a thousand word taster  – are you in a position to send it to me – this would be very advantageous – they are talking of a prime time television slot – this could be even bigger than your last book – do contact me asap


Finlay again –  do you realise that you still have the putrid corpse of the rock star hanging from a tree in the orchard – if I was you I would remove it before you send the in final draft


French Oyster Culture  

After Boeuf demonstrated the practicability of oyster-farming in the area the extension of the system over the foreshores of the islands between Pont de Rivedoux and Point de Lome was so rapid and effective that over two hundred beds were conceded by the Government in the year of 1859 alone

The Green Oyster

One of the most lucrative branches of French oyster-farming may be described as the manufacture of the celebrated green oysters

The greening of the oysters that are brought from the Ile de Re parks is extensively carried on at Marennes on the banks of the River Seudre

The popularity of these oysters stems from the fact that emeralds are sometimes found instead of pearls

Attempts to synthesize this operation have so far failed



As requested I have sent you a thousand word taster for the Americans

Received with thanks

Have you read it?


Is it what they want?

They want anything you write but here we might have a problem

I think I know what you are going to say

Yes while the American publishers love you the authorities over there are taking a dimmer view

No entry to America

Yes I have tried to pull a few strings but to them you are still an FKK terrorist

Are they aware that I spent fourteen years in jail?

It would have been the gas chamber of life without parole if they had had their way you know the way their minds work

Only too well

Still this does not restrict your travel elsewhere

I have had an invite from Henryk Seinkiewicz to visit him in Poland he wants me to see his memorial

Are you thinking of going?

When I finish this book maybe he is a good friend

The butterfly you befriended was crucified when it reached Rome

I thought it might happen as people were uncomfortable with its views

The Romans are returning the crimson flower to you

It was found when the butterfly was arrested

You shoud receive it in a month


It was from Judith’s pubic hair

ANNABELLE LEE wove it into Judith’s hair on the day I saw her naked

I gave one to the butterfly

By the way I do not have a tiny Jewish Dick

I thought that was you

It was just that I had had some of those fucking feminists in my ear as they do not like the way you treat women in your books and poems

I treat them well

They are of the opinion that you bully them

I do not bully them I cherish them I celebrate beauty

There is much ugliness in the world I was ugly once but now I celebrate beauty

They do not see it that way

You said the easiest way to shut up a feminist is to give her a good fuck they are frustrated and are gagging for it twentyfour-seven

I believe you whispered this to me in a synagogue recently

I fully agree with you most feminists are ugly and jealous of beauty

With the exception of ML Oliver she is a beauty in anybody’s book

She hates my writing and has told me so on many occasions

Perhaps she just wants you to fuck her

I will write her into a chapter

And face a law suit

She just hates herself

I thought your treatment of Judith was very tender you did not exploit the situation at all

I just felt for her although she is not wildly attractive she did not deserve her injuries

I just felt compassion towards her

It showed in your writing

She was brave to expose her scars and stump to me

I think it liberated her

Maybe although she was badly scarred and had lost a leg she still had a beauty and that was what I was trying to get across 

Would you have fucked her?

That was not in my mind when I wrote the chapter I just wanted to show that beauty is not always apparent

There is stillness about Judith

Why did you undress the female cop?

For fun

Do you know that during the FKK days we often fucked cops?

You hinted at that in your previous book

They were as fucked off as we were at the state of things and some crossed the line

Andy H was a well-known example and that was why they killed him at that roadblock

I liked the part when Anna K and Christina emerged from the pool naked

The hunted and the hunter together

Did you plan for Anna K to meet the cops?

No it came to me as I was writing

I was going to have ANNABEL LEE swimming in the pool but to have two beautiful women in the pool together was slightly clichéd

Speaking of ANNABEL LEE she does not appear in your book apart from conversations on the telephone or comments about her lovemaking 

As with Anna K I am not sure what to do with ANNABEL LEE I could exploit her and describe her raven beauty in explicit detail but the book does not warrant it

Also I do not want to hurt Judith as ANNABEL LEE is the centre of her universe

Where is ANNABEL LEE at present?

Cutting down the rock stars putrid corpse and disposing of it

That is not a very nice job

That is because she fucked me off


Her laziness I asked her to research something for Henryk and she just remained around the pool all day and argued when I objected

So I told her to deal with the rock star as I do not want the cops hanging around 

It is a shitty job for a woman

It is a shitty job for anyone but he is more a pile of bones

She needed to be taught a lesson

I have also turned the water off so when she come to shower etc etc

You are bullying your female characters again

Maybe maybe I am


Short Shower Room Scene   

Jonny where the fuck are you!


ANNABEL LEE ran down the stone steps towards me she was quite naked

You cunt you fucking cunt you turned the water off

I needed to teach you a lesson

I have just handled a putrid rotting rock star I and I am crawling with bugs and you have turned the fucking water off

I looked at her pubic hair

I wonder if Shakespeare’s Dark Lady of the Sonnets had a raven bush as symmetrical as yours it is indeed a work of art

Fuck you fuck you fuck you!

ANNABEL LEE ran across the terrace and jumped into the pool

She turned her back on me

I could see that she was crying


Memo from Desmond (Confidential)

It may be too late for his current book but I will try to move Jonny-Jonny towards a less edgy view of women as he is still has a tendency to bully them in his prose

Whilst he does not objectify them as such he does treat them badly at times

The feminist movement although misguided does have a strong station in the USA and if he alienates them then his reputation might suffer

I will support his trip to Poland to see Henryk as I feel he needs a little lyricism in his soul and his good friend will most certainly provide that


The Return of the Cops

ANNABEL LEE burst into my study breathless

The cops are here again

Is it Christina and the stupid one?


Where are they?

By the gate

Ok where is Anna?

In the orchard

Leave by the back door and warn her as I think these cops might mean business

Were they tooled up?


Fuck I thought this might happen

From the washroom window I could see ANNABEL LEE running across the small meadow that led to the orchard

Thankfully she was blind from the road

I walked towards the gate where there were two macho cops waiting for me

Are you Jonny-Jonny?


We have received information that you are hiding the wanted terrorist Anna K

I have not seen her in forty years



Your colleagues were here a short while ago

Describe them

The stupid one and the female cop with nice tits

Christina and Alain they have left the force

In a week?

Do not argue with me

The taller of the two cops pushed me aside

I felt for my gun which I had not carried for years

You fucking terrorists are all the same where is she?

Go and issue parking tickets fuck

I was punched in the mouth by the cop nearest to me

Look here Jonny-Jonny or is it still Rolf D I have come here to neutralise that bitch

She is rubbish and a cop killer

My mouth was bleeding

That was forty years ago you were not even born

The FKK killed my father

And mine

Do I give a fuck?

I was punched again and kicked in the stomach the barrel of the cops heavy gun was pointed at my temple

Where is she I will not ask again?

Go fuck yourself!

I heard the bullets move in the barrel of the gun

Hey cunts are you looking for me?

I looked up and saw Anna K standing naked at the top of the path she was holding a Kalashnikov

You fucking bitch!

The cop raised his gun

Suddenly the side of his head exploded as a bullet ripped his skull apart

I looked around and saw ANNABEL LEE who was as naked as Anna K with the pistol from the pool in her hand

It was still smoking

You have the most symmetrical of cunts

She smiled at me

The other cop was hit instantly as Anna K took advantage of his surprise and blew his face away with a volley of bullets

He fell against the Iron Gate

Judith walked towards me taking the pistol from ANNABEL LEE

She was also naked and handed the pistol to me as she and helped me to my feet

I was pretty groggy and bleeding and dropped the pistol

Judith tossed it carelessly into the pool

What a fucking mess they made of you let’s take you inside and clean you up

They may have broken your nose


Memo to Findlay

Shelia mailed me your memo in error – you will see that I have not bullied my female characters but empowered them – I was being fucked by those cops and the women rescued me

The cops would have killed me

I feel that they have done half the job

 My nose is broken and I am heavily bruised

I treated them all as Amazons naked and powerful

Although not armed even shy Judith joined in

They cleaned up my wounds and placed me in an ice cold bath

I am not sure why

Obviously I will not be available for any signing for the foreseeable future

The women have buried the cops next to the rock star

I am not sure if this is how you wanted it to end but this is the way it ended

I have written a new life for Anna K in Germany and will be leaving for Poland when I am back in one piece

Judith and ANNABEL LEE will be more difficult to place I might use them in another book 

Who knows?



As I lay painfully on the small camp bed I watched Judith work

She was naked

She always worked naked

I was naked

Her translation of ANNABEL LEE was almost complete

She read part of it to me

So that her highborn kinsman came
And bore her away from me
To shut her up in a sepulchre
In this kingdom by the sea

And neither the angels in heaven above
Nor the demons down under the sea
Can ever dissever my soul from the soul
Of the beautiful ANNABEL LEE