Deal Beach Looking North

On the last day before he retired DoverBeachDeal arranged his deckchairs in tidy formations

He had been a deckchair attendant for the whole of his working life

A ship called the RonsonBoyRoy was sailing by taking knights in full armour to the last crusade

Two sisters one dressed in black

The other in white

Tried to paddle in unsuitable shoes

And fell into the sunnysosea

To a man the knights cheered as they sailed away

Confident of victory

In the rumblemumble of their room

Rima and Cheerful Blyth lay together in bed

They were both admiring a painting of a woman

On the opposite wall

Who was wearing a shift which partially exposed her breast

Her name was GlimmerShimmerDimmer

And she would join them on the beach

When the sun was highrighnigh

They would watch as the storm clouds moved in

Himsim himsim simsim simsim

During the height of the storm

They would dancedancedance in the ragragrain

And would return to their boarding house again and again

They would share a bath and discuss the deckchairs seen

Some blue some yellow but mostly green