Gare D’Arc-Et-Senans

There is a marc in the air today

Storms are expected

You are waiting for me at the Gare D’Arc-Et-Senans railway station

A small grey and blue trains stops

Nobody alights or boards the train

You ignore it and remain seated

On the wooden bench

Near the dusty lane

Waiting for the express to pass

It is due in forty minutes

The air is getting heavier

And you can feel the sweat building

Under the straps of your cotton dress

You remove your sandals

As you want to feel the warm platform

Beneath your feet

Everything is still apart from the gathering breeze

Which betrays its parents

You are glad of it

And close your eyes

Imaging ships from the

Royal China Seas   

On the nearby river

I am the captain of one of these ships

And when you come into view

I abandon my ship

And let it drift aimlessly

Towards the sea

I run across the dry meadows

And with care cross the lines

You are still asleep

I lay on the low platform

Watching you

There is distant rumble

And then a flash

The express is approaching the station

The noise wakes you

But you do not see me

And wave at my brother

As he passes at great speed

Through the station

Raindrops the size of coins

Start to inhibit the platform

And you run for shelter

Another small blue and grey train arrives

I kiss you lightly on your cheek

As you continue your journey

Your dress is damp to the touch

And the rain runs down your bare arms

You are carrying your sandals

These are the memories

I will retain as I hunt my errant ship

On the river of your dreams