The Jews of Hastings

Rima was sitting at her desk

She was writing a history of

The Jews of Hastings

In the distance she could see the cross

Where Christ had been crucified

It was vacant and had been so for many years

Beecher was nearby attending a vintage car rally

Which was being held in a field

Not far from the sea

He had seen a book about the Italian actor

Marcello Mastroianni

But had decided against purchasing it

As the sea had retained its indigo hue

Beecher considered this to an unlucky colour

Rima was researching the wreck of the Lynx

On the 5th of September 1855

Whose loss contributed to the ruin of many Jews

In the Sussex town

The ship had been wrecked with the loss of all hands

Whilst seeking shelter from a violent storm

But this did not concern

The Jews of Hastings

Who considered the loss

In terms that excluded human life

Rima retired her pen and looked at the empty cross

Which looked out to sea

As it had always done

She wondered of Christ’s last thoughts

Would he have been aware of the beauty of the sea?

Or were his thoughts elsewhere?

Near an Aston Martin a man in a cream suit

Was taking photographs of the silver car

Beecher shook his hand

And congratulated him on his contribution

To Italian Cinema