Positioning’s of a Tired Man

Sixteenth Century Postman

I will lay ye below the cobblestones

Where I have placed all our love letters

Future generations will find your bones

But they will not find me


Keeble Street

Join me at the bar

For a jar

Which will not mar

The day so far


Margaret Topless

Write drivel on my breasts

Margaret said to me

As I wish to exhibit your writings

For all the world to see


Jack 9-2-5


masturbating nuns


fornicating policemen

from the train window

each day

this dismays me

as i once loved croydon


Herbert & Alice

Herbert and Alice

Bore no malice

Towards the palace

Until they met Dallas


Magenta Fuchsia

Two friends

One English

One American

Met each other

At the bus station

In the

City of the Caesar’s

They kissed and hugged

Three times

I thought their passion

To be sapphic

And considered

Their journey from Capri



You run

Into the sea

Wearing a black hat and stiletto’s

And nothing else

I will join you soon

In your drunken recreation

But for the present

I am awaiting

The African Bishop