The Whale and the Cliff Path

Christine and Christopher were taking their morning walk along the cliff path that led to East Bay when they came across a crack in the chalk which stretched for over five hundred feet

Christopher was alarmed and held his sisters hand urging her not to proceed

His sister smiled and ran forward occasionally hopping across the void

Christopher followed her with care trying not to look at the crack in the path

When he reached his sister she was sitting down

This is the only location where one can see both West Bay and East Bay at the same time

Why have you sat down and why are your legs dangling Chrissie?

Do not be alarmed brother

Why as far as I am concerned you are in mortal danger and I do not want to lose you especially on a Tuesday

I am in no danger I will not fall into this deep void

Christine looked out to sea and saw a whale frolicking in the shallows not far from the cliff

See brother it was only the whale preparing for his swim