The Mysteries of Simone and Indiana promote a conversation between Epik and Sweet Finch

Epik where was sitting alone

He was trying to contact Simone

Which had been doing each day for six months

The summer had finished and grey clouds now covered the county

Lamb and Simone were in Spain and would not be back until the winter had passed

Sweet Finch fluttered past the window without looking in

As he looked at his friend Epik heard an email arrive on his lap top

It was a mail from Spain

Perhaps it was Simone answering his mail

But it was not from his friend but her father

Epik I hope you have received this communication if so please would you acknowledge my mail

Yes I have received your mail is there a problem Chris is Simone ok?

Simone is ok but she has taken it into her head to travel around Spain with her strange friend Indiana

Why do you say strange?

She is a pleasant girl but seems to dream through life


Well if you ask her a question she will look at you but will not answer, she just smiles at you

How long has Simone known Indiana?

I was hoping that you would be able to answer that

I have met a lot of Simone’s friends but have never met an Indiana describe her to me

She is very tall with dark hair worn in a rather old fashioned way with ringlets, her facial feature you might say are a little gawky. She is the type of girl that you see and forget quite quickly

Is she Spanish?

Not as far as I know Simone has said that her family comes from Orleans

I have been trying to contact Simone for the past six months but without success. I thought I had done something to offend her

Did my daughter ever discuss her sexual preferences with you?

You mean did she say that she was gay?


No there was no indication that Simone preferred women when she was with us as she always seemed to enjoy the company of guys

Epik this is a personal question and please tell me to mind my own business but have you ever slept with my daughter?

Hi Chris I am not offended by your question but the answer is no, whilst Simone enjoyed the company of guys she did not sleep around

Thank you for being so honest I appreciate that

I care for Simone as much as you do

I know she has said as much

Where was she when she last contacted you?


Does Lamb know that Simone has gone travelling with this girl?

I have not been able to contact him

Do you want me to travel to Spain? I am at a loose end here and am just writing. If it settles your mind I can be in Madrid in a few days as soon as I settle my affairs here

Sweet Finch fluttered past the window and distracted Epik

Marianne and I would be grateful if you could I will wire you the fare tomorrow

There is no need

I insist and you must stay with us. I just want you make enquiries about the girl and place our minds at rest

Ok today is Sunday, as long as I can get a flight I will be with you by Friday and we will discuss things further

We are in your debt Epik

No problems, I will mail you during the week to confirm my arrangements  

Epik knew of Simone’s game but he had not met the girl that she was travelling with. She was punishing her parents

Sweet Finch sat on the windowsill and looked at Epik

Do you want to come in?

No I will stay where I am

Suit yourself

I see that you have managed to get a free trip to Spain and you know that Simone is in no danger. It is just another of her whims

You see too much Sweet Finch

I have met this Indiana


When you were in London

Simone never mentioned her

She was sitting exactly where you were sitting a tall plain girl with a dated hair style

What was she doing here?

Visiting Simone

You seem to know a lot about everything

I saw enough

Meaning what?

Sweet Finch smiled and flew off and settled on a nearby wall

Epik opened the window

If you do not stop fucking about then I will not leave food out for you

There is plenty of food

Not in a month you will freeze to death like those poor sparrows I found last year

Just use your imagination

Are you saying that they were more than friends?

I was saying no such thing

You are pissing me off Sweet Finch were Simone and Indiana lovers?

I never saw them unclothed; it always amazes me how humans jump to the most extreme conclusions. Just because two girls spent some time together this does not  automatically make them lovers

What were they doing?

You promise that you will leave me with plentiful food and when it gets very cold you will leave the window ajar in the attic so that I may shelter from the winter storms

I will, I always do, I do not want to find your frozen on the path

The truth was simple Simone and Indiana were planning their travel around Spain. I saw them tracing routes on maps and reading guide books

Then why did she not tell any of us about the trip what was the big secret?

Perhaps she was worried that you would not like Indiana

She knows us better than that

And I’ll wager a crown
When you get back to town
Bright visions will haunt you of Simone Hill

What did you say Sweet Finch?

I was just quoting from a poem

Sometimes I do not understand you  

Finches are easy to understand we are logical creatures

Whilst I am away would you keep an eye on the place and mail me if you see anything strange

And how am I supposed to fly through a closed window?

I will leave the laptop on in the attic as I normally do

Then I will keep in touch with you

Sweet Finch looked up at his friend and then flew into a clump of trees that sat at the bottom of the lane

Epik sat back in his chair and began to plan his journey