Kent House

The Street that Lost its View of the Sea

When I was a child I could see the sea from the windows of my house

But this changed when a number of proud villas and a church were built

Soon the street lost its view of the sea

And became quite sad although it retained its substantial commerce

At the age of twenty-one I married and moved into a fine house

On the seafront with commanding views of France

But I never forgot the street that lost its view of the sea


The Railway Stations of East Kent

Once you were princes

The masters of procession

But then you aged

And now together

We listen to the harps of hindrance

Here in the quietness of England


The Walmer Schoolboy  

As Stephen returned from school

He opened his book

And deleted his mistakes

His teacher a Mr Grice

Passed the boy and enquired of his correction

Why child are you deleting your mistakes?

The boy looked at him and then stared out to sea

Because I can see France sir, because I can see France