The Churches of Hertzog

Eve Alone

I am sitting on a rock

My name is Eve

You look out to sea

Searching for long departed ships

I think you are civilised

But you are not so sure

Your boldness infuriates me


Eve and the Geckos

When you lay in the sun

Geckos frequently run across your body

To aid their direction

You have marked out many routes


Eve and the Primates

When you are away

I often sit in the branches of trees

With various primates

For reasons unknown to us

We examine each other’s knees


Eve Dreaming

He watches me sleep

And gently touches my skin

But this is not love

For he steals my dreams

And sells them to passing travellers

Who return them to me much soiled


These Eve poems have been taken from The Churches of Hertzog by S.K. Sepp and translated from the German by the author